Plastic cellar is an innovative solution when installing a traditional cellar for storing vegetables, fruits or berries. The basement is made of composite materials and partially dug in the ground. High quality composite materials provide excellent tightness against moisture and complete safety for food products. The basement is completely protected against rodents and other pests. It is also protected against the appearance of unfavourable microorganisms, including mould fungi. Basement walls do not absorb moisture and odours, and it is very easy to clean and disinfect when needed.

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Unlike a refrigerator or a freezer, the basement uses the coolness of the earth rather than expensive electricity to maintain the temperature. The basement is adapted to store vegetables, fruits, homemade wine and cheese. A convenient entry into the eco-basement allows easy bring in and bring out products.

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Mounting (installation)

This basement can be installed in the territory of the site or under the house, with an entrance from inside. Plastic cellar is made of food grade polypropylene, does not exclude harmful, toxic substances, characterised by good waterproofing properties. It is equipped with shelves, wooden floors, lighting and air ventilation system that prevents moisture accumulation and formation of the mould. Plastic basement is usually installed within 1 day.


The eco-friendly basement uses a long-life, environmentally friendly and toxin-free material – polypropylene. Basements made of extremely durable material will last for over 100 years when used properly.

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Want a bigger basement or special wishes?

Our specialists will help you fulfil your dream, will consult and make a custom-sized, exclusive underground basement made of long-life, durable, water and mould resistant material. We provide all services from one source, from your idea to implementation!