Biological wastewater treatment technology used by “August ir Ko” PLC meets all the highest ecological requirements. We offer logical and economically viable alternative when installing a complex cleaning system that costs as much or even less than other conventional technologies currently used on the market. The technology of “August ir Ko” PLC (unlike conventional wastewater treatment systems) ensures the highest rates of treated water and creates the possibility of repeated use of water while preserving its natural nature.


Wastewater treatment plant is the reactor with internal technological construction. The wastewater treatment process is carried out in a separate radial polypropylene tank. The wastewater entering the unit passes through screens (2) designed for the retention of mechanical, plastic and other impurities. Later the wastewater subsequently enters into the anaerobic fermentation zone (3), where it is mixed with activate sludge, which is lifted by an air-lift from a secondary settler, and transferred to the denitrification zone (4). From the denitrification zone, wastewater is transferred to the aeration zone (5). Aeration is carried out through one or more diffusers (6) located inside this zone and also helps to maintain a slurry in suspension form. The air is supplied by a compressor (air blower) (9), which the only one rotating inside the unit. Nitrification processes take place in the aeration zone. From the aeration zone, wastewater enters the bottom of the distribution zone (secondary settler) (7).

  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanical cleaning
  3. Anaerobic zone
  4. Denitrification zone
  5. Aeration zone
  6. Aeration diffuser
  7. Secondary settler zone
  8. Air distribution zone
  9. Compressor
  10. Air distribution system
  11. Water flow distribution
  12. Output
bnvi vfl technologija

The funnel-shaped distribution zone ensures the stopping of rapidly rising sludge splashes as they become stationary / fixed substance when gravity and lift forces reach balance. The wastewater passes through a layer of well-compacted homogeneous sludge, they rise up and goes out of the unit after filtration. Increasing amount of sludge splashes settles on the bottom of the settler and returns back to the denitrification or nitrification zone via the air-lift. AT domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants are the solution when it is not possible to connect to a centralized water drainage system or where installation of such a network is impossible due to financial or technical reasons. AT domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants are mounted on the concrete foundations and connected to a horizontal wastewater system of the object.