The cheapest, simplest and most popular use of solar energy is the production of hot water using solar collectors. When the sun is out, the boiler of solar collector is heated by an electric pond or boiler. The entire process is controlled by a special controller that has sensors in the solar collectors and boiler. The principle of solar collectors is very simple – a special pump transfers the accumulated heat to the water heater. In summer, the water inside can heat up to 100 ° C, but if the sun is not enough to warm up to the right temperature, the system will use an additional power source. Solar collectors are an investment that is a good and quick to pay-off, covering more than half of the annual energy demand for heating water.


  • The cheapest way to install a full-fledged system of solar collectors
  • Can be connected to combined or electric water heating
  • Plastic or multilayer pipes are used for the connection
  • Stainless steel interior, exterior and construction
  • Low electricity consumption (from 0 to 30 kWh per year)
  • Vacuum tube solar collector
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Easily calcined heat exchanger
  • Easy and cheap protection against freezing
  • Non-necessary (optional) circulation pump
  • Microprocessor control
  • Possibility to add by the help of electromagnetic valve

Solar energy in Lithuania is sufficient

Solar collectors absorb the energy that is transferred not only by the visible light but also by infrared light, and they work even when it is cloudy. Therefore, water is heated when there is no direct sunlight. The sun’s radiation depends on the time of the year – it is stronger in summer and weaker in winter. From May to August, solar energy is fully sufficient to meet the demand for hot water.

According to the data of many-years of observations, the average annual amount of total solar radiation falling on the horizontal surface in Lithuania is about 1000 kWh/m2. This is almost as much as in Denmark and more than in Sweden, where usage of solar energy is particularly popular. This amount of solar energy is sufficient to efficiently use solar collectors to produce domestic hot water. This saves 50-60% of the cost of heating the water per year.


Total volume: 150 – 300 ltr.
1. 0.41 mm SUS304B Stainless Steel Inner Tank.
2. 55 mm foam polyurethane thermal insulation.
3. 0.5 mm SUS430 stainless steel outer tank trim.
4. 1.2 mm SUS201 stainless steel supporting construction.
5. 24 pcs. 58/1800 three-layered vac. pipe solar collector.
6. SUS316 stainless steel heat exchanger (1.6 sq. m).
7. Stabilised silicone seals.

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Talpa: 300l.
30 vamzdeliai
Iki 6 GE*

Kaina: 935€


Talpa: 240l.
24 vamzdeliai
Iki 4 GE*

Kaina: 825€


Talpa: 200l.
20 vamzdeliai
Iki 3 GE*

Kaina: 770€


Talpa: 150l.
15 vamzdeliai
Iki 2 GE*

Kaina: 600€

*GE – Gyventojų ekvivalentas