Our slurry reservoirs are for agricultural use (mostly for transportation of liquid fertilizers, liquid dung and slurry). These reservoirs are lightweight, highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Fiberglass slurry reservoirs have a much longer service-life than similar metal reservoirs, so acidic liquid dung does not corrode through fiberglass as it would metal. Our slurry reservoirs have built-in anti-spill partitions that reservoirs of many other manufacturers do not have. Slurry reservoirs can be fitted with a long platform running across the reservoir, or with metal frames, according to client’s requirements.

Slurry reservoirs are made of fiberglass and its wall thickness is proportional to the size of the reservoir. The wall thickness of the reservoir can be from 12 to 20 mm. Slurry reservoirs are manufactured using a filament winding technique that ensures the reservoir’s strength and reliability. Every 60 centimetres of the reservoir is fitted with 10 centimetres of reinforcement strips. The capacity of the slurry reservoirs can be from 2000 to 85000 litres.

The slurry tank complete set includes:

  • Loading and unloading hooks;
  • A long running platform across the tank;
  • Ventilation pipes, 110 mm;
  • Filling / service opening 600 mm (different diameters available);
  • 3-8” lower flange (different diameters available);
  • UV protective paints;
  • Suction unit (if requested by the client).


We give a 10 year warranty because we are confident in the quality of our products. Fiberglass slurry reservoirs have a long service life because acidic liquid dung does not damage the tissues inside. All our products are marked with CE mark, which means that they comply with the strictest ecological requirements and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The containers are sold with only the document and certificate that it owns.


Slurry reservoirs are usually mounted on trailers, on the housing of the truck or on any towing platform. They can be fitted by connecting the loops of the reservoir and the trailer platform, or we can offer metal frames. Water reservoirs can be ordered on the MULTILIFT frame.