The most popular modular buildings are small offices, administration, construction houses and household buildings. Also, dormitories, campings sites, guest houses, showers and sanitary facilities, medical stations, shopping kiosks or shops, guard houses (guard posts), access stations, spacious production premises and even apartment buildings are made of modular. Advantages of modular buildings are fast time of production and strict quality control, as modular buildings are made under the roof thus avoiding negative impacts of the environment and it is possible to control every stage of production. Frame modular buildings are mobile and of universal purpose, they are easy to be transported, change the walls, connect or stack over one another.

Karkasiniai moduliniai pastatai
Moduliniai pastatai


Main advantage of modular building construction is mobility. The client can easily move the modular building into another location. Also, the construction makes it easy to increase or reduce modular house. With increasing needs, it is possible to form additional extension building and expand the space, and if needs or scope of works decrease it is possible to re-model the building or divide it into several buildings by moving one to another unit or leasing it.

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Frame modular buildings are manufactured in closed manufacturing premises, before designing and discussing every detail with the customer. First of all, a solid metal housing is welded, then the floor is inserted, walls are fitted with appropriate components (windows, doows, ventilation openings, etc.). Then the roof is put, it is sealed by ensuring the complete roof tightness and water resistance. According to the need, interior of the module is equipped: electrical installation, heating, plumbing unit. When frame modules are fully installed, they are transported to the location of assembly where modular building shall be located, where the assembly of a modular building shall take place, which usually takes 1-2 days.

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