Before building houses it is necessary to decide on the wastewater treatment system. If it is not appropriate or impossible to connect to the central sewerage network then sewerage treatment plants must be installed in an appropriate place. It is best to installed them near open bodies of water as cleaned wastewater there shall be discharged. If they are not around, cleaned wastewater can be directed to underground reservoir or primer, if it is suitable.

Treatment plants sold by VANDENVALA PLC perform the highest level of treatment, work silently, do not discharge unpleasant odor. Without using any chemical material during it, nitrogen and phosphorus is cleaned out from the wastewater, which means that water emittion locations do not overgrow with sludge, which is very important there where there are infiltration fields behind treatment plants. Treatment process is based only on naturally ocurring microorganisms therefore wastewater treatment procedure is close to naturally treatment in nature.

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants offered by VANDENVALA PLC are an advanced wastewater treatment solution of individual residential houses and small business, which ensures household wastewater treatment of: shower, bathroom, dish washer, washing machine, sewerage, etc. However, chemical substances, wastewater of other buildings, garages, pools present in a yard should not enter into such treatment plants. This is damaging both treatment plant and nature, as the bacterias neutrolising contamination die and begin to decay.

Household wastewater water, entering into the treatment plant is cleaned to such level so that it can be discharged into open bodies of water, land reclamation ditch, roadsides. Wastewater treatment plants clean water so that it can be used for lawn irrigation, car washing, other home environment maintenance works. In order to check the quality of cleaning (treatment), you can simply take (scoop) the cleaned water from the plant and check if it is clear and odourless. Such level of cleaning is ensured by the presence of active sludge on the plant which degrades (splits) all impurities in the wastewater.


Biological wastewater treatment systems are easy to install, easy to transport, and take up very little place. Often the customers install them themselves, but in order to get the best result it is worth relying on the specialists in this field. For the slower accumulation of the sludge in the containers, it is advisable to install fat trap before treatment plant which shall collect the primary impurities.

Biological treatment plants comply with requirements of 181 of the Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers, confirming Lithuanian standard LTL EN 12566-3 + A1, which stipulated that treatment plants designed for 50 people must have CE mark from 2010-07-01.


Biological Treatment Plants comply with the requirements of the highest ecological standard; they are environmentally friendly and have 10 years of warranty. When ordering the installation work, we apply the same warranty for the work done!