MEIRY brand systems have been developed using the knowledge and experience of leading companies in the field of wastewater treatment. When designing our production in a production facility equipped in a modern way, we control absolutely all production processes using state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to MEIRY technologists, project designers and a modern production base, today we can offer for our client the most optimal wastewater treatment solution. You will no longer have to adapt to other suppliers, and from today we will adapt to your needs! Thanks to our many years of experience and developed technologies, you will save a significant amount of money not only on installation but also on the operation of the wastewater treatment system. Our goal is to save the client’s money and time, therefore we offer not only the system production, delivery, but also our consulting from the beginning of the project to the operation of the MEIRY system.

There are many different industrial wastewater treatment systems in the world that have their pluses and minuses. By designing and developing MEIRY system, we have turned the long-standing weaknesses of our competitors into our strengths.

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In order to treat the water as best as possible, it is very important to thoroughly see into and understand the type of client’s wastewater and how it is produced. For this reason, our communication with the client is the most important step in the development of a technology solution. In order to optimize the parameters of treated water, we take samples from the client’s wastewater treatment networks each time to further see into the physical and chemical components of the wastewater. As the MEIRY team seeks so that the client would confide and trust in the effectiveness of the technology we offer, we introduce the client to a special program based simulation that takes you through the entire sequence of the technological process. With the help of software and simulations, we provide our client with the most efficient and the least resource demanding industrial wastewater treatment solution.


Absolutely new and innovative above-ground wastewater treatment plants of production companies – MEIRY CLEAN / PRO. These units are extremely compact, easy to install, durable and have great parameters that help to treat industrial wastewater to such level of purity that the water can be used perfectly used for technical purposes thus saving water and financial resources. By using the latest technologies, we have achieved that industrial wastewater treatment plants today are compact, take up little space and do not need to be dug into the ground, they work well by mounting on the ground on a small concrete foundation. If you pay attention to the industrial wastewater treatment plants available on the market, you will find that they are large and not so comfortable to operate, and for their installation a significantly larger amount of money is spent. MEIRY-CLEAN / PRO is an absolute innovation in the treatment of industrial wastewater using a modern automated system that periodically alerts the client about the upcoming service life of the unit. The maintenance of these wastewater treatment plants is extremely simple – the system is designed so that the client is not obliged to “serve” the item. The housing of the device is made of extremely durable polypropylene, which is resistant to various loads and is durable. MEIRY CLEAN / PRO units have thermal insulation, so cold winters are not terrible for them.

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Our main advantages:

  • Thanks to MEIRY’s innovative technology this industrial wastewater treatment system pays off to the client after 3-5 years.
  • MEIRY is transported to the location pre-assembled and pre-filled, therefore the installation and commissioning (start-up) of the system takes approximately one week.
  • Compact prefabricated modules allow saving when installing the wastewater treatment system – excavation costs of the ground will be significantly less.
  • Modular solutions allow installing the system in any geological conditions and are easily adapted to any industrial plants / factories.
  • The treated wastewater can be used as technical water in the production.
  • The MEIRY system is easily connected to already existing municipal (utility) networks.
  • The system is made of durable material resistant to corrosion.
  • Even cold winter weather does not have the effect on the performance to the system.
  • The MEIRY system is mobile, easy to transport to a different location.

Where is MEIRY industrial wastewater treatment system most often installed?

  • In slaughterhouses (butchery).
  • Meat processing companies.
  • In food manufacturing factories.
  • In fish processing factories.
  • In fish farms.
  • In beverage production companies.
  • And in other companies and factories not mentioned above.

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