(Mounted indoors)

Grease separators are designed to trap and store grease (fat) from kitchen, canteen, and restaurant wastewater before entering a centralised wastewater (sewage) system. Grease composed of animal fats and vegetable oils are lighter than water and do not mix with or dissolve in water. Because of these physical properties, grease floats on the surface of the water. When greasy wastewater enters the fat separator, grease (fat) rise to the surface, and the wastewater treated from the grease (fat) drains off into the pipeline.


Inlet / outlet pipe diameter: 50 mm

Instantaneous amount of wastewater: ≤ 1 l / s

Maximum amount of sludge accumulated in the separator: 10 l

Maximum amount of grease stored in the separator: 15 l

Residual grease content in treated wastewater: ≤ 15 mg / l

Easy installation

Material – Polypropylene (PP)

Comfortable grease extraction