The biological wastewater treatment plants manufactured at “August ir Ko” PLC factory meet the requirements of the highest ecological standards. The product of “August ir Ko” PLC on 2006-07-31 – 2007-04-31 was tested in PIA GmbH’s independent laboratory in Aachen (Germany), which positive test results surpassed all expectations and surprised many experienced lab specialists. A certificate of conformity was issued after performing tests of the AT model and applying the manufacturer’s internal control. The certificate of conformity complies with the legislation of the European Union. By certifying the equipment, the manufacturer is entitled to distribute the product bearing the CE marking.

Biological wastewater treatment plants comply with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations 181 approving the Lithuanian standard LTL EN 12566-3 + A1, which stipulates that treatment plants intended for up to 50 persons must have the CE mark from 2010-07-01.

The letters “CE” are the French abbreviation for the definition of “Conformité Européene” (“European Approval”). The term “CE marking” is now used in all official documents of the European Union. The CE marking of the product has several meanings and means that: The manufacturer declares that his product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the European Standards for Health, Safety and the Environment, known as the generic term “Product Directives”. The CE marking of the product indicates to the national market surveillance authorities that the product is legally placed on the market in that country. The CE marking ensures the free movement of such a product within the Single Market of the European Free Trade Association and the European Union (28 countries in total), the CE marking enables for customs and national market surveillance authorities to withdraw non-conforming products from the market.