ATCP series Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants

ATCP series is an innovation in European market and it has been designed to meet the needs and requirements of users. The water they clean is characterised by very high cleaning indicators, also it is easy to maintain and use. All ATCP series cleaning equipment is marked with CE mark, which means they comply with the strictest ecological requirements and Laws of the Republic of Lithuania. These treatment plants of economic class are designed to clean wastewater from individual houses where lives 1 to 12 people and may treat from 0,9 to 1,8 m³ of wastewater per day.

All housings and internal partitions of cleaning equipment are made out of extruded polypropylene sheets PP, that comply with LST EN ISO 15013 and LST EN 12814-8 requirements. Due to resistance to corrosion, chemicals, various acids and temperature changes, polypropylene is one of the most widely used type of plastic. This type of plastic is characterised by longevity, durability and lightweight in comparison with other materials.

August ir ko ATCP serijos įrenginiai
Atitinka CE standartąComplies with CE standard
Mažiausios montavimo sąnaudosLowest electricity consumption
Įrenginyje įmontuotos mechaninio valymo grotosThe unit has built-in mechanical cleaning grilles
Nebūtini paleidimo - derinimo darbaiNo startup - debugging required
Nėra judančių dalių, todėl nėra kam sugestiThere are no moving parts therefore there is nothing to be damaged

Komplektacija: valymo įrenginys, hermetiška talpa, įtekėjimo, ištekėjimo angos, dangtis (žalias), pneumatikos dalys, orapūtės talpa, orapūtė, oro paskirstymo kolektorius, oro padavimo vamzdynas.

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ATCP valymo įrenginių sertifikatas

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AT ATCP techniniai parametrai
H height (mm)2250225022502250
Ø diameter (mm)1220140015101660
H inlet (mm)1600160016001600
H outflow (mm)1550155015501550
Ø inlet (mm)110110110110
Ø outflow (mm)110110110110
Equivalent of population681012
Productivity (m³ / day)0,901,201,501,80
Average daily load (kg/BDS₅)0,360,480,600,72
Sludge increment (m³ / year)1,461,902,292,74
Electricity consumption (kWh / day)1,021,022,102,10
Weight (kg)110120140160