Air blowers, otherwise air compressors, are also used in biological wastewater treatment plants, aeration of bodies of water, fishery, in the field of medicine and health. The most popular Secoh membrane air blowers EL-S-60 because they are used in biological wastewater treatment plants ATC-P6, AT-6, AT-8.

Orapūtė Secoh EL S 60


Air blower technology is based on the operational principle of electromagnetic vibration. This principle of operation is well known for its efficiency. Electricity is used only to build up air pressure by means of moving membranes.
EL series air blowers come with a safety switch that operates in the event of a ruptured membrane. It consists of a micro switch that turns-off the air blower thus protecting it from further damage.
The EL-S series comes with a fault warning light. The light lights up indicating any membrane failure.
High efficiency of air blower. The air blowers practically have no mechanical friction, which reduces energy consumption and ensures high efficiency of the air blower.
Low noise level in the air blower. The sound insulation of the housing and the silencer integrated in the reservoir ensure reduced noise during operation.
Low vibration level in the air blower. Engine and air blower parts are separated by rubber shock absorbers (insulation) reducing the vibration, resulting in extremely low vibration levels.
Airflow without pulsation. Specially designed chambers of the air blower and an integrated silencer guarantee airflow without pulsation.

Orapūtės modelis Orapūtės modelis
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh SLL-20
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-100
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-20Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-120
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh SLL-30Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-120
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-30Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-120W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh SLL-40Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-150W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-40Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-150
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh SLL-50Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-200W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-50Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-200
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-60Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-250W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-P-60Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-250
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-80-15Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-300W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-P-80Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-300W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-80-17Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-400W
Membraninė orapūtė Secoh EL-S-100Membraninė orapūtė Secoh JDK-S-500W