Water aeration sets

of bodies, reservoirs, ponds

Aeration set is required for oxygen supply for fish not only in winter but also in hot summer. Using the air blower, you may be calm that the oxygen shall be distributed evenly across the water area. Water of the pond enriched with oxygen is cleaner, more transparent, containing less various algae. Another advantage of equipment of such water ponds is the possibility to maintain the unfrozen water of the pond not only in winter, so it is a great protection measure against water freezing.

aeracijos komplektas tvenkiniams

Water aeration set

For aeration of pond water of up to 20 acres it is recommended to use:

Membrane air blower 60 W.

Pipe air diffusor of up to 1 meter length.

Consultation and purchase of water aeration set:

Most popular water aeration set

  1. Membrane air blower SECOH EL-S-60 1 unit
  2. 1 meter length pipe air diffusor 50 mm – 1 unit
  3. Air blower capacity made out of polypropylene – 1 unit
  4. Stainless steel clamp 16-25 mm 2 units
  5. Hose to transfer the air, 19 mm internal diameter – 5 m (+1€/m).
  6. Socket 220V – 1 unit
  7. Power cable for air blower – according to the customer’s need.
  8. Protective corrugated power cable – according to the customer’s need.

Installation and commissioning (start-up):

Installation of aeration sets is not complicated but we advise You to consider the following:

  • Place the air blower container together with air blower as close to water body as possible, in order to avoid greater loss of airflow, You will put less strain on the work of the air blower.
  • Immerse the diffusor not lower than 3 m, the recommended depth is 1-2 m. Diffusor does not sink in water, attach a 30 cm long rope with weight (1-2 kg) to it, so that when operating the diffusor would not cause rise of mud in the bottom of water and not cloud the water. It is possible to find other methods of immerse the diffusor, but this is the simplest and works great.
  • Use pressure hose of internal diameter of 19 mm which must be no longer than 20 m. The set already includes 5 m hose, and we may cut it more if desired.
  • Air blower starts to operate when plugged into the socket, if there is no need for aeration all day – purchase a timer and set the working mode You need.