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VANDENVALA PLC – We sell and install wastewater treatment plants for individual houses, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing companies, rural tourism homesteads, petrol stations and buildings of other purpose. We provide 10 years of warranty for installation works of biological wastewater treatment plants!

We carefully and responsibly install water supply, wastewater, drainage engineering networks. We select, design and install fat, oil traps, tanks and reservoirs for cafes, restaurants, canteens, petrol stations, car washes, parking lots, car services, industrial companies and other buildings.

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Consultations on questions of selection and installation.
  • Sale and installation of wastewater treatment plants.
  • Treatment plants for industrial manufacturing wastewater for companies.
  • Sale, assembly of material for installation.
  • Project design of wastewater systems.
  • Maintenance and service of the equipment.
  • Service of cleaning equipment.

Repair, maintenance and service of cleaning equipment

Wastewater treatment plants mainly operate automatically but technical maintenance that complies with the requirements must be ensured and implemented. After installation of biological wastewater treatment plants, first are performed the commissioning (start-up)-adjustment works, work of the air blower is adjusted and then treatment equipment can be used. After a certain amount of time, when the accumulated sludge is overgrown, it is necessary to perform the maintenance and service works. In order to perform them correctly, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules on operation of treatment equipment (cleaning equipment) or call our service staff in order to do everything for You. More information and contacts

Valymo įrenginių servisas

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants:

  • Maintenance of equipement
  • Service works
  • Commissioning (start-up)-Adjustment works

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